S I Tutul is popularly known as the man who has redefined contemporary Bangladeshi music. He has been hailed by many people in Bangladesh as the ‘Shurer Karigor’ (he who creates melodious tunes and music).

He is the several times winner of the National Award in Bangladesh(the highest civilian award in Bangladesh) for Best Music Director , amongst others for the film ‘Daruchini Dip’ in 2007 , the best film playback singer in 2010, for the film ‘Valobashlei Ghor Badha jai na ‘ the best tune maker in 2015 , for the film ‘Baap jaan er bioscope’ and again the best film playback singer in Bangladesh in 2015.for the film ‘Baap jaan er bioscope’

In 2006 for the first time Bangladesh won an international Film Award from the International Film Festival in Chennai, for the Film called ‘Nirontor’ S I Tutul was the music director of that film. ‘Nirontor’ was also nominated for the Oskar Award in Hollywood. S I Tutul  passed his childhood and boyhood at the place call [Kamlapur] in Kushtia District. He created a song call “Ronger Manush” based on his native home Kushtia. 

SI Tutul is the busiest playback singer in Bangladeshi film. His voice is a blend of indian classical, western and operatic traditions, His unique voice is immediately recognisable.

Largely self taught, Tutul had a flair for music from a very young age and after completing BA (Hons) and Masters degrees at Chittagong University, he decided to pursue music as his career. His basis in music is the classical piano but he can also play many other instruments, including guitar keyboard. SI Tutul is an excellent sound engineer. Most of his songs are tuned and composed by himself.

S I Tutul was a founder member of LRB and owes a great debt of gratitude to Ayub Bachchu, the band’s leader, whom Tutul sees as his guru and the person who gave him his first opportunity in the music profession.

In 2005 the noted film maker Mustafa Sarwar Faruki offered  SI Tutul a movie called ‘Bachelor’ which was a runaway success and brought him nation-wide fame and acclaim as a composer.  The movie won a number of international awards, especially for the song ‘Keu Prem Kore’ (‘Everyone Loves’) which was a smash hit in Bangladesh and was tuned, composed and sung by S I Tutul.

S I Tutul owes a great deal to renowned Bangladeshi writer Dr. Humayun Ahmed who sadly died in 2012. S I Tutul tuned, composed and sang the majority of Humayaun Ahmed’s songs and considers him a major inspiration.

Renowned singers like Samina Chowdhury and Asif Akbar won national awards for the song ‘Amar majhe nei ekhon ami ‘ which was tuned and composed  by S I Tutul. He is the only band musician who has the highest awards nationally and internationally. In 2005 he formed the band called Face to Face (F2F) which was later renamed Dhrubotara in 2011.

SI Tutul has undertaken many sell-out concert tours around the world, including:

  • New York,  Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Reno, Orlando, Dallas, Chicago, Arizona , San Francisco, San jose, Denver, Milwaukee, Michigan, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania in the USA
  • London , Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford in the UK
  • Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and Holland in Europe
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Perth in Australia
  • Toronto, Calgary, Saskatchewan,  Ottowa, Montreal, Hamilton, Niagara, and Vancouver in Canada
  • Delhi, Calcutta, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Assam, Bangalore, and Madras in India
  • Japan. Bangkok,Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal , Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Abu Dhabi,south Korea and Bahrain.

SI Tutul has expanded his interests to newer horizons. He was appointed Special Ambassador in Bangladesh for a number of organizations including the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministries of Education, Communications; Human AID Bangladesh; WHO; DUDOK. SI Tutul composed and sung more than 500 film and Drama playback songs.he composed and sung many jingles, background scores and Title songs for the world cup football, for the world cup cricket,for the world cup hokey federation, United nations,Unicef in Bengali language. 

SI Tutul completed the graduation in meditation from Quantum method meditation program on 2017.

He is the main Judge of a very popular and renowned reality show “Khude Gaan Raj” from 2011 till now.

In 1999 SI Tutul married top most model, actress, choreographer, designer and movie director Tania Ahmed. 

In 2013 he founded All Saints UK international School in Uttara, Dhaka with his wife, Tania Ahmed, and friends and educationalists from the UK, Kalpona and Steve Poland, in order to provide high quality education and to establish a centre for the teaching and promotion of music, art and performance, combining both classical Bangladeshi traditions with contemporary arts. He joined as an associate professor of film & media department at ‘Stamford university, Dhaka, Bangladesh .

And what does S I stand for? Ask his wife Tania 

and she will say ‘Sweet and Intelligent’!

this is his professional name or other name. Original name of this sweet Intelligent is ….

A B M Shahidul Islam.

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